Q1: Why I choose Transwell Packers and Movers as my service provider?

Ans: We believe in delivering more than we commit and our RCR(repeated customer ratio) proves that- a very big compared to other industry player well above industry average.

Q2. How much time should I allow before contacting the moving company?

Ans: It is possible to book your move minutes before you start your move through our Just In Time Booking Service(JIT), but it is recommended that you book your move well before atleast 24 hrs you plan to move goods.

Q3: Why should I take Insurance even though packing by Transwell movers packers has been done in an excellent manner?

Ans: Insurance is recommended so that you do not incur the loss even if any mishap happens due to unforeseen factors like accidents, fire, sabotage, riots etc that can result in damages to the goods during moving process.

Q4: How do I do my booking with Transwell Movers Packers?

Ans: Fairly easy. Call our 24/7 customer care, OR fill our online quotation form and our representative will call you back and will send surveyour at onsite and quotation will be provided there itslef.

Q5: What type of containers will be used to transport?

Ans: Sealed Weather Proof closed Containers.

Q6: How can I move my car?

Ans:Transwell Packers and Movers offers door to door delivery of cars. We have car carriers, which will take your car from source to destination.

Q7: Anything that is definitely a no-go area?

Ans: Well, mainly those things you might expect - drugs, alcohol, weapons, ammunition. Shipping certain high value items or collections may require you to purchase extra coverage call and ask your Moving Company.

Q8: Suppose I pack myself?

Ans: Why not? But be aware of the potential problems. For instance, valuation coverage will not pay out on goods packed by their owner, unless the exterior of the box is damaged.

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